Starting and operating a not-for-profit / tax-exempt organization comes with several legal hurdles. Without an experienced legal ally at your side, you could make costly mistakes that pose unnecessary challenges to your charitable efforts.

We are trusted allies for nonprofit organizations in Lake County and throughout the greater Chicago area. ZMA Legal will work with you personally to guide you through the legal steps of establishing a nonprofit. We will be there for you to resolve any legal issues that arise in the future.

Handling all legal matters that arise throughout the life of your nonprofit:

Harnessing The Benefits Of Nonprofit Status

Nonprofit organizations offer a number of attractive benefits, including special postage rates, access to grants and, of course, tax-exempt status. In order to enjoy those benefits, you must properly establish all of the formation and governing documents. Maintaining nonprofit status also requires diligence.

Social Responsibility

ZMA Legal is also proud to participate in pro bono work through its ZMA Legal Foundation. We focus on contributing to our community through legal and financial support for organizations involved in social issues.